SASHA MATSON Range of Light / The Fifth Lake CD

valleyRange of Light /mvt. IV – “Going Home to the Mountains (time 3:30 mp3 1.4mb) Going Home to the Mountains

The Fifth Lake /mvt. III- Gusts of wind (time 4:06  mp3 3.7 mb) Gust of wind

 “The ability of Matson to mirror with his music ( Range Of Light ) the same emotions that Muir expressed with his words is uncanny … A must-have for those looking for a more cerebral approach to accessible and consonant classical music.” – Robert Reina, The Tracking Angle



Range Of Light has about it a hint of Transcendentalism which appealed to Muir… It is a music in which one suspends time, feels warm and comforted, loved and loving, in which one meets old friends and ideas circling in new ways.” – George Buckbee, The John Muir Newsletter.

” A spectacular piece The Fifth Lake … Clear music for clear minds.”- Santa Fe Sun.

SASHA MATSON Steel Chords / i-5  CD

bio5Steel Chords / mvt. III – Steel Dances (time 1:06  mp3 2.6mb) Steel Dances  i-5 / mvt. V – City Limits (time 3:23  mp3 1.3mb) City Limits 

“New works, new classics arise replacing older works as reference points. Such a work is Sasha Matson’s Steel Chords, I-5, These works for pedal steel guitar, harp and strings are models of contemporary classical music.” – Mark Sulveres, WSPN– Saratoga Springs.

“RECORD OF THE YEAR…the mature, intelligent, and exciting pair of works ( Steel Chords, i-5 ) included in this stunningly recorded album…a significant new classical composer.” – Robert Reina, The Absolute Sound.

“At this stage of his career, Matson seems to be the best kind of innovator- one who works from the inside, with an excellent balance of knowledge, respect, and fresh ideas.” – Bill Tilland, Option.


“MATSON IS THE SURPRISE NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR…Stravinskian vigor as well as unabashed Coplandy folksiness … his forms are thoughtful and unpredictable.” – Kyle Gann, The Village Voice.

“For an audiophile, this recording is pure heaven. Likewise for Sasha Matson’s music. It is sensual, evocative, picturesque, challenging, lyrical, and passionate …. a homespun country twang that makes this music about as American as anything I can think of.” – Tom Schnabel, KCRW – NPR, Santa Monica.


CooperstownTight LinesOld Trout America…[ For Bluegrass Ensemble ] – in progress. Sonata…[ For Contrabass and Piano ] Musecology…[ Mezzo-Soprano and Octet ] Cut To Bar Interior…[ For Piano and String Quartet ] Wallace Stevens Triptych…[ Chorus SATB ] The Fifth Lake…[Guitar, Celtic and Concert Harps, and Percussion ] Little Woodstar…[ Vocal Quintet and Orchestra ] Range Of Light…[ Mezzo Soprano and Chamber Orchestra ] Annunciation III…[ Jazz Quartet ] Annunciation II…[ Woodwind Sextet ] i-5…[ String Quintet and Harp ] Steel Chords…[ Triple Concerto for Violins, Pedal Steel Guitar, and String Orchestra ] Annunciation I…[ Violin and Harp with Echoes ] Spell…[ Large Orchestra ] The Aesthetic Dimension…[ Electric Ensemble and Mixed Media ] Sonata For Electric Quintet…[ Amplified Quintet ] Lime Sodas…[ Orchestra ] String Quartet in F String Trio Pastorale The City Of Dreadful Night…[ Tenor and Brass Quintet ] Gangster Sonata…[ Clarinet and Piano ] Return…[ Electric Ensemble ] Beyond Recall…[ Tape and Percussion ] Placeless…[ Tape Dance Score ] Interface…[ Tape Dance Score ] Paths…[ Tape Dance Score ] Virginia…[ Theater Tape Score ] Prelude and Toccata…[ Piano ] Five Sound-Tracks…[ Piano, Clarinet, Bassoon ] Woodwind Trios 1 + 2 Songs…[ Baritone and Piano ] The Pink Zither…[ Tape ] Symphony of Films…[ Orchestra ] Wedding Dance…[ Piano ] As We Grew Older…[ Tape ] The Meat Suite…[ For Frank Zappa – Electric Ensemble and Orchestra ]